Kimchi is a Traditional Korean Fermented Vegetable, which is supposed to be naturally fermented.

It creates natural healthy probiotics while it is fermented. Many types of vegetable can be turned into ‘Kimchi’ such as radish, cucumber and spring onion but the most common vegetable used is Chinese Leaves (Napa Cabbage).

Fermentation creates a wonderful pungent flavour that gives Kimchi its unique taste when mixed with the versatile flavours of garlic, chilli pepper and spring onions.

Kimchi has, 

Vitamin A, B, C

Contains healthy bacteria ‘lactobacillus’, which can help digestion and gut health.

Can support a good immune system as Kimchi contains garlic and chilli peppers.

How to store Kimchi: the history and now

In the past, our ancestors used a specific storage to store kimchi.

This storage is called Jangdokdae, often known as Korean ethnic earthenware.

During the winter in the Korean Peninsula, it is not surprising to experience the temperature falling down to minus degree celsius. So it is important to ensure that the temperature is maintained over zero degrees so that the kimchi does not freeze. To prevent this from happening, Korean ancestors solved this issue by developing the idea of putting the Jangdokdae in the ground. This is an ideal way as the geothermal heat from the ground can prevent the kimchi from freezing.


On the other hand, in the summer months, people stored the Jangdokdae in a wall or flowing stream to keep the temperatures low during the extreme heat waves.

Thanks to the development of modern technology, Korean people now use a special refrigerator designed specifically to effectively store kimchi instead of using a Jangdokdae.


It is recommended to set the temperature between 0-5 degrees at the refrigerator as this is the temperature of ground during winter seasons.


In these specific temperatures, the lactic acid bacteria in the Kimchi grow most actively, making the kimchi more delicious. With this, it is important to note that the kimchi must be stored in specific packaging or sealed in a container, otherwise it will easily go off and the taste may change over time. 

Delicious dishes using Kimchi

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