Nabak Kimchi
Yeolmu Kimchi
Baechu Kimchi
When people hear the word 'kimchi', they usually think of cabbage kimchi.
However, according to Kimchi museum, there are actually more than 300 kinds of kimchi that can be made using various vegetables including cucumber, radish, and perilla leaf.
We are introducing the most interesting five.
Baek Kimchi (Chinese Cabbage Kimchi with no pepper), 백 김치
This is also known as white kimchi. The whole cabbage is pickled in salt water before mixing it with garlic and ginger instead of chili powder. By doing this, it creates a sweet and sour taste. This type of kimchi is often chosen as a substitute of original kimchi by parents to feed their children who are not good at eating spicy foods.
Nabak Kimchi (Radish Water Kimchi), 나박 김치
It is the most representative kimchi among those that do not contain red pepper powder. Most Korean people prefer to have it cold with thin ice.
Well- made Nabak Kimchi has its fizzy, carbonated taste which makes this kimchi even more special. Due to this particular taste, people often choose to have this kimchi during the winter.
 Oi sobagi (Cucumber Kimchi), 오이 소박이
Cucumber is used as the main ingredient for this type of kimchi. It is popular amongst people because of the crunchy texture of the cucumber itself. This kimchi cannot be stored for a long time like traditional Chinese leaves Kimchi.
KKakdugi (Radish Kimchi), 깍두기
It is made with radish diced into square cubes, which is then brined in salt and mixed with red pepper powder as well as other seasonings. This type of kimchi is a popular side dish amongst Koreans when they have bibimbap or seolleongtang.
Yeolmu Kimchi (Young Radish Kimchi), 열무김치
This Kimchi is made with young radish, that is normally grown in Korea. While Kkakdugi is made using only the body of the radish, Yeolmu Kimchi is often eaten with the stems. This type of kimchi is commonly eaten alongside Korean dishes such as Naengmyun (Korean cold noodles), bibim noodles and kimchi bibimbap.


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