(V) Kimchi (김치),
Traditional Korean Fermented Vegetable

Kimchi is a Traditional Korean Fermented Vegetable, which is supposed to be naturally fermented.

It creates natural healthy probiotics while it is fermented. Many types of vegetable can be turned into ‘Kimchi’ such as radish, cucumber and spring onion but the most common vegetable used is Chinese Leaves (Napa Cabbage).

Fermentation creates a wonderful pungent flavour that gives Kimchi its unique taste when mixed with the versatile flavours of garlic, chilli pepper and spring onions.


Difficulty : MODERATE

Cooking Time: 60 Minutes

Serving Proportion : 4 People



Salted Chinese Cabbage

(1 medium head, 1/2 cup of sea salt, 1 jug of water)

Shredded Radish (700g), Spring Onion 100g

Kimchi Paste: Garlic 50g, Ginger 20g, Chilli Pepper 50g, Salt 10g, Glutinous Rice Powder 50g, 50ml of warm water

Here's how you do it

To brine the cabbage:

1. Cut the Chinese cabbage in half by slicing from top of the head vertically so you get  2 portions of half-sliced cabbage. 

2. Salt the cabbage by sprinkling between the leaves in a large bowl. Make sure all the leaves are salted, especially the area around the head where the leaves are firm.

3. Pour 1 jug of warm water, just enough to cover the cabbage. Put a plate on top of the cabbage and weigh it down with something heavy to help brining. Then, let it stand for 2 hours. 

4. Once it is properly brined, you will see the cabbage softened and floppy. Rinse all parts of the cabbage well under cool water for about 3 times and let it drain  for 30 minutes. Now, let's make the paste. 

To make the Kimchi paste:

1. Thinly slice radishes 0.3cm thick.

2. Crush garlic and ginger and slice spring onion diagonally.

3. Make the Kimchi paste by adding glutinous rice powder with water, garlic, ginger and mix them well with salt and chilli pepper powder.  

4. Put the paste between salted cabbage leaves.

5. Wrap the seasoned cabbage with the outer leaf and put it in the air-tight container. 

6. Leave it in a room temperature for 2-3 days to ferment. After the fermentation, keep refrigerated and cut the cabbage in around 3cm before serving!

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Sliced Chinese Cabbage Kimchi



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