Korean Barbeque is one of the popular menu to many internationals.

There are a number of types of meat choices such as marinated chicken/pork,

pork belly, LA rib and also seafood!

Alongside this, vegetables and salads such as lettuces, perilla leaf and pickled sliced radish are wrapped and eaten with the meat and rice. This is called ‘ssam’.

'Ssam' is normally accompanied with 'Ssamjang' seasoning sauce which is a combination of 2 spoons of fermented bean paste (된장) and one spoon of red pepper paste (gochujang) mixed together with garlic and toasted sesame oil.


This is then dipped with various meat. Vegetables like mushrooms, onions, garlic and even kimchi are often grilled with fat from the meat.

Pork Belly BBQ, Samgyeopsal - Why do Koreans love it?

Samgyeopsal, Pork Belly is one of the most representative Korean dishes.


However, it has not been so long since it has been loved by Koreans.

Although accurate information cannot be found, various records show that the consumption has increased tremendously since the late 1970s. Within a decade from this date, the samgyeopsal and soju combination -Samso- started to get popular amongst Koreans. 

Some food critics argue that in the 1970s, only sirloin and tenderloin was used to make pork cutlet in Japan, resulting in making Koreans eat the remaining pork belly, which Japanese people do not eat. However, there are opinions from experts in livestock management that the evidence was poor when looking at the situation of pork export at the time.

Koreans like to be together and this tendency is well represented within the food culture. Examples include sharing banchans or cooking large amounts of meat together and eating them together.



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