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'Create the ultimate Korean Food experience together at home'

 Korean meals are about the shared experience.

It brings laughter and conversation with very simple, tasty, hearty food.

​The founder of GOURMET KOREA, Seung Hyun Yoon, also known as 'Sharky', loves to eat and cook Korean food for his family and friends. With vast experience in the Korean Food and Beverage Industry as a chef and product developer with Masters in Food Management, you can trust that GOURMET KOREA offers quality and authentic products brought to you by safe Korean food-loving hands.

At a dinner party, during a conversation over a good Korean meal, some of his friends said they wanted to cook some authentic Korean food at home but often felt discouraged by the seemingly endless options of products in their local Asian Supermarket. This sparked the idea to provide recipes as well as the best products to make these dishes at home for any level of cook and for all food lovers!


With over 20 years of expertise in the Food and Beverage Industry, all of our ingredients are specially selected by GOURMET KOREA to present the best quality Korean ingredients and dishes.

​ You do not need to be a professional chef.

Simply follow our recipes and find the best products to experience delicious Korean food at home with GOURMET KOREA.

Ready to join the adventure? 

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Simply choose a recipe that suits your occasion or craving, you will find a pictured list of all the ingredients we recommend you use to make the perfect dish.

Or choose a product you already know about.

Then Click and Order!

Our trusted courier service will deliver your parcel on the next working day with a one-hour delivery window, notified by SMS and email,

so you don't have to wait at home all day.

Our recipes will help you create a Korean dish that will add extra flavour to your table.

Enjoy and share the wonderful food adventure!



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